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Epoxy Flooring Sets New Standards for Durability & Beauty

Tech Valley Concrete does epoxy floors in the Voorheesville, Saratoga & Albany, NY areas

Our experienced concrete and epoxy surfacing pros have 10 years of experience working with homeowners and business people in the Voorheesville, Saratoga & Albany, NY area. We have laid and finished out floors of great beauty and utility in a variety of working and living environments – be sure to view examples of our work on our Facebook page and elsewhere on this website.

Epoxy floors provide new opportunities for homeowners looking to add style and character to their basements, garages, kitchens and living areas – not to mention outdoor surfaces such as patios. The color and sheen options are infinitely variable to give you just the look you're going for with your Voorheesville, Saratoga or Albany, New York area floors.

And no domestic surface provides the balance between beauty and durability that you get with epoxy. A skillfully installed epoxy floor can last for the life of your home.

Questions about epoxy flooring and where it might be used in your Voorheesville, Saratoga or Albany, NY area home or workplace? Call Tech Valley Concrete today at 518-858-7526.